Monee Hutton, Black and white photo sitting by window

Hey there beautiful, I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Monee, pronounced Maun-nee. I’m a creative, a designer, a mother to 2, and a recovering self-hater. 

This is my come back.

I earned a BFA in Graphic Design at 20, started working for large and small non-profits, and became an expert in Web design. But at 25, my whole life changed. 

You see, my son was born. It wasn’t a simple pregnancy. 

Aside from being a complete honeymoon surprise, he surprised us by being born with multiple disabilities, disorders, and struggles. 

This isn’t a story about him. But I will say that his struggles, his fight to live, and the overwhelming work that has gone into him have shaped me into the woman I’m confidently becoming. 

The Tipping Point

In Early 2024, after a 10-hour brain surgery to remove a large portion of his brain and a long recovery, I decided to finally start sharing with the world. 

Now I won’t bore you with the details of my son’s conditions or needs, for that’s his story to tell if he ever chooses to, but I will share with you my before and after

My before, being a hot mess express. Overwhelmed and hating my own life. 

To my after. Being completely head over heels in love with me, my life, and building even more that brings me joy. 

This transformation didn’t happen overnight.

You don’t go from a blubbering mess that’s ready to run away to completely happy in mere hours. 

It happened over days, months, and years. 

I would have thought 2 years ago “Wow, this is as good as it gets”, but every month, and year since it’s just gotten better. 

With a conscious decision to go to therapy, to put my needs first, to find priority in my physical body, and to give my home lots of love and attention, I’ve built a life that feels like pure joy. 

I don’t feel the overwhelm, the frustration, and the pity party I felt for myself several years ago. 

You’ve made it this far into this intro to this blog

I’m assuming you’re looking for something to feel incredibly better for yourself. 

Join me as I outline what I did. The parameters I set forth for myself. The investments I made into my happiness to get to this point of feeling in total alignment. 

In this blog, you will find 4 main categories

Each uniquely matches an initial for someone in my family. J. M. B. H. 

Joy is where my projects, passions, and fruitfulness will reside. 

Mind is the journey I’m taking to take captive my wandering A.D.H.D. brain and find ways to regulate. 

Body is everything that goes into and onto my physical form that has brought me peace over the last few years. 

And lastly,

Home. Perhaps what I’m most passionate about. My home is my sanctuary. 

A space a few short years ago I cursed and hated and cried over, now is my favorite respite in the world. 

Those that are doing can teach

I can’t say I’m an expert. But I can say that with trial and error, I’ve created a life I love. 

I’m inviting you to find inspiration, tactics, ideas, and solace. 

If the woman I was can turn into the woman I am, anyone can do it. 


Here’s to hoping you read on my friend and I’m hoping you find something that brings you as much joy as it brings me.

~ Cheers Monee