When my mother in law first approached me about working with her on her AirBNB Interior Design I was ecstatic! You see the home they wanted to convert to an AirBNB I had tried to buy at one point. Back before my husband and I were married we toured the neighbors farmhouse. We wanted to purchase it and it’s 20 acres but we couldn’t quite swing the price.

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For years I had daydreamed about what I would do to that house if it was mine.

My in-laws purchased the farmhouse and property since it was adjacent to their wedding venue. They had a string of renters in the space and each year it got more and more run down. In early 2023 their tenates moved out and they decided it was time to turn the farmhouse into a short term rental to compliment the Wedding Venue.

All of my daydreaming about the Interior Design of the space was able to be put to good use. It was a limited budget, but I was given full creative control. The only stipulation was to keep the original vintage wagon wheel chandeliers in the den. Done! I agreed and got to work!

The Feel and the Theme

When starting on the project I had to iron down the feel and the theme. I wanted something rustic (because it’s literally a farmhouse), modern and nothing too Farmhousey. It be clear I don’t mind farmhouse, but after looking at available AirBNB’s in the area 9/10 were styled very farmhouse. Think farmhouse letter decor, cows, chickens and artwork from Hobby Lobby. I needed this space to be different. With much consideration I decided to run with ranchy/horses. It fits with the property, plus my In-laws LOVE horses and frequently drive teams of draft horses for weddings at the wedding venue. It was a fit!

My advice to you starting out is research your local AirBNB’s and VRBO’s. Are there themes that keep popping up? Farmhouse? Classic Beach? Try to make your location stand out by picking a theme that isn’t over used.

If you can’t think of something completely different, take a different approach to the “usual”. Example being using horses and cowboys instead of cows and chickens.

The best part about AirBNB Interior Design is the fact that entire home can be cohesive.

Think about your home, maybe your daughters room is kitten themed, your son has space ships, the guest bathroom is rubber ducks and your primary suite has whatever you can manage to throw together. That’s life for a lot of us! The magical part of designing your AirBNB is you can create a completely cohesive feel throughout the entire home.

In our Farmhouse example I chose horses and cowboys, navy and orange toned woods. I got to use these throughout the ENTIRE SPACE! When you walk through the Farmhouse or view it online everything flows so nicely!

Picking Your Colors for your AirBNB

I was able to put my Pick Your Ick System to the test in the Farmhouse. The now dated kitchen was remodeled in the early 2000’s and the vintage orange tile in the Den was from sometime in the 70’s I can only guess. I used both as my “Ick”.

As far as renovations to the living room it was kept minimal. New LVP flooring was installed in place of the carpet from the 70’s. New texture was applied to the walls and everything was finished off with fresh coat of paint. I picked Sherwin Williams Greek Villa. It’s currently my absolute favorite neutral white. Lastly the front door was changed out. We found an inexpensive used door on Facebook and painted it.

With a blank-ish slate to work with it was time to work some AirBNB interior design magic in the space. I used a deep navy blue as my accent color throughout the living room and den. The paint color used on the door was Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh.

Farmhouse at AP Ranch AirBNB Interior Design Living Room Tour | View of living room couch and coffee table. Brown and Navy color Scheme.

Layering in the Decor

I kept the original slated window coverings but added in a layer of white and navy ticked floor length curtains. And although the couch that was already purchased (off Facebook Marketplace) was semi dated and over stuffed I layered comfortable navy throw blankets and patterned navy and white throw pillows from Home Goods.

Farmhouse at AP Ranch AirBNB Interior Design Living Room Tour | View of front door and entryway. Brown and Navy color Scheme. Cowboy and horse picture behind bench.

The Entryway Design

The “entryway” if you can call it that is small. I had to work carefully in the space to create an entrance, but not take away from the already small living room. Using this bench from Target, but the price seems to have gone up since I ordered it. The artwork is from Etsy and fits in nicely with the rustic feel. I was able to tone a piece from this gallery to match the deep navy tones I was working with.

If you’re looking to tone your own photos or digital art check out this tutorial on Canva.

Durability In AirBNB Interior Design

AirBNB interior design has to factor in aesthetics as well as durability and cleanability. Both the living room rug and the entryway runner were purchased because they are washable. They were found at Sams club of all places! They are wearing well and clean up very nicely!

I took an additional step and sprayed the suede sofa with Scotch Guard I purchased off Amazon. This helps to protect all of the stainable surfaces in the living room.

The finishing touches like the large rustic/southwest-inspired coffee table and side table that matches were found on Facebook Market. I can’t stress enough how shopping for slightly used kept this project on budget.

When I was looking for used items to add into the kitchen from my mother in laws house I found this vintage backgamon game that was perfect touch for styling the living room. Cozy game night anyone?

Farmhouse at AP Ranch AirBNB Interior Design Living Room Tour | View of front door and edge of couch. Brown and Navy color Scheme.

The living room came together quickly and beautifully using the steps outlined in my Pick Your Ick System. If you’re interested in learning more, check it out here.

The AirBNB interior design for the Farmhouse at AP Ranch was a great experience, that left me feeling confident in my work. It also has left us with ONLY 5-star reviews at the time of writing this, which makes me super proud! I can’t wait to show off the other spaces in my AirBNB Interior Design series.