I used to watch the Wedding Planner on repeat. I was obsessed with Jennifer Lopez’s character. I dreamed of being a wedding planner. Orchestrating beautiful events, being the most prepared, and falling in love with Matthew Mcconaughey all sounded pretty perfect!

In 2016 I was presented an opportunity to purchase an event rental business at an auction.

Back when I was newly engaged, my soon to be Mother-in-law was working on building her dream wedding venue, and I was itching for something new.

Long story short I bought a semi-trailer + a horse trailer load of crap and started living my Mary Fiore dream life.

When my son was born my wedding planning days were set to a close. But I wanted to remember them fondly here. An Ode to Absolute Prestige Events & Rentals.

Partnering with my Mother-in-laws brand to be part of her wedding venue, was my first step. Her business being Absolute Prestige Limousines and Absolute Prestige Ranch, I named my business Absolute Prestige Events & Rentals

I decided to focus on Events, Styling, Photography & Design services.

Hallelujah, I was blessed to work with AMAZING brides. I never knew a “Bridezilla”. I loved it so much I even wrote a guide called The Kick Butt Bride’s Guide. It was something at the time I fantasized would supplement my income. You can check it out here: https://sowl.co/nZURE

I will always treasure the memories of late-night styling, conversations with brides, creating custom wedding invitations, working with vendors, and more.

Although I never turned into a true Mary Fiore-level wedding planner, you better believe it fulfilled a childhood dream for me.

When my son was born and life was incredibly difficult I sold my inventory and called it quits. But I’ll never regret giving it a try and doing something I dreamed about. Now I know it’s not my lifelong calling. But I would hate to be left wondering if it was and never giving it a try.

If you’d like to see any of the other brands I’ve created and enjoyed over the years you can see the series here.