I’ve been preaching to myself and my friends for awhile now about not following every trend on social media. About being real to ourselves and our dreams and visions and tastes. But today it struck me there are so many ways in which I haven’t been following those words.

I sat on the floor in the living room and read a color book to my daughter. She was ecstatic when we got to the green page and pointed at her brother with pure joy that it was a page dedicated to his favorite color. I asked her what her favorite page was.

It took her a while, she slowly and methodically flipped through each page, studying each color. Taking them all in. She then flipped through them backward, taking note of each option. She was slow to decide. But eventually, she landed on the pink. She pointed and grinned ear to ear, happy to announce THAT was her favorite.

As I watched the interaction I thought about the pressures to fit in. To fit in in the online sphere, to fit into the business mold, the house mold, the style mold. There is a way it is done. A way we are supposed to present ourselves. Even in design school when we were on our semester of branding and logo design there was a right way and a wrong way.

Since graduating college I’ve built several businesses, some successful, some flops, some just disappearing as I had to focus on life and children. But each business was started the way I was taught they needed to be started, branded, colors perfected, launched at the right time.

But today I don’t want to follow a strict set of rules to fit in. I want to do something completely authentic, something like flipping through the colors and studying each to find the one that lights me up, not that one I saw someone else was using, not one that was trending, something completely me.

I spent some time today reading some of Russel Brunson’s stuff. It wasn’t resonating the way it was a couple years back. The rush, the push, the launch, the more! There has to be a way to support your family online without the fear mongering, the hard sales tactics and the forceful in your face model.

I was surprised when I stumbled upon a website today, SoulandSelf.com, a space dedicated to teaching how to create sales without being on social media. An entire brand focused on more feminine energy and a less forced sales technique. It was refreshing, and something I want to dive into deeper.

I want to be like my daughter, loving a color because I just love it! No outside opinions wavering my decisions and my desires. Just me and my family, just my creative soul working towards something bigger and better than the canned theories I learned in college.

I remember the business classes, and the multitude of clients that I’ve preached the same sermon to, get a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and get busy posting….post post post and that will build your brand. This new idea of doing something without social media is nerve wracking, scary, yet refreshing. I can’t wait to look back and see where this leads. What is the bigger picture, the plot twist I haven’t seen yet?

For now, I rest and wait and keep thinking about what color in the book I really really love, without others telling me what it should be.