In 2019 our little family’s world got rocked by one of our hemp contracts being dropped. We had been working in the hemp industry tirelessly for 2 years and everything was starting to fall apart.

In a desperate attempt to generate an outlet and income using all of the CBD we had been processing, I decided to create Bear Apothecary – handcrafted bath and body treats. I want to remember all the hard work and creativity that was poured into this brand here.

I started the branding with a hand drawn bear logo shown below.

Bear Apothecary was named for my son Bairon, who worked with me daily in the green house, growing, watering and tending to our hemp ladies. He was the best helper.

I poured my soul into Bear Apothecary. I used every ounce of creative energy I had to create a brand that was filled with beauty, creativity and seriously good ingredients. Everything was toxic free, and hand crafted with love.

It was a long process but I perfected recipes, layouts, products and packaging as I went.

I crafted product descriptions that were powerful: “Our beautiful and effective CBD infused bath bombs and CBD infused Salt Soaks are hand crafted with non-toxic ingredients, scented with curated blends of pure essential oils and infused with hemp derived full spectrum CBD oil to bring you an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating self-care experience.”

“This incredibly powerful CBD salt soak compliments your complex mind perfectly. Specifically blended to help your biggest anxieties be mellowed, this blend of salts and CBD are filled with a curated blend of pure essential oils and full spectrum CBD to ease your worries, relax your mind and calm you. Sprinkle as much or as little as you like into a warm bath and soak away your worries.”

And I mixed in stunning product photography:

I highlighted everything on the Bear Apothecary website, which was an experience of it’s own.

I created packaging that lit up my soul.

I created something beautiful into this world and shipped products across the country.

It’s taken me 3 years to come to terms with closing Bear Apothecary. It was huge part of my life. I sometimes wonder what would have happened with Bear Apothecary if my son hadn’t gotten so sick.

I’m taking this space here on this blog to remember, respect, and move on from Bear Apothecary. If you’re curious why I’m creating this blog you can read more here.

Since creating this beautiful and successful brand I have created a course for others to create their own handcrafted brand here at the Handcrafted Launchpad. If you’re eager to launch something beautiful and meaningful into the world I invite you to join me in learned the exact steps I took to successfully launch Bear Apothecary.