It’s officially the Christmas season folks! It rolled around when I wasn’t looking and December is here. On the farm, we welcomed this 12th month with a skiff of snow and a cold that stuck around for days. With the colder temps, my house has been ravaged by two small kids looking for anything to bust the boredom. Needless to say, I had to wait until the grandparents could take the littles for a few hours so I could clean up the crazy. With the clean up I was able to get some photos of this year’s Christmas decor to share with you. Enjoy a peek into our world:

In years past I would have called my house a Christmas explosion. I have used phrases like “Christmas threw up in here” and stuffed every nook and cranky with something festive. This year is different.

We’re headed into some overwhelming medical procedures for our son after the New Year and I wasn’t willing to “Deck the Halls” at the expense of my sanity. To be honest, this is probably the least I’ve spent on holiday decor in any given year. It’s probably the most I’ve loved my Christmas setup EVER!

The Mantel

Ever since I worked through the Pick Your Ick System I’ve been able to work with a color scheme that works for MY space. And with time, I’ve been able to incorporate these colors into my Holiday decor, including Christmas! Pops of red accent the navy and gold scheme I have in the living room/ dining room/kitchen. A color scheme that works for year-round AND holidays?! Swoon!

I added gold stars and bells to my usual mantel garland this year and layered our stockings. The stockings with red were from my husband and me before we ever got married. Last year I switched the kids to these inexpensive white knit stockings from Amazon. I love the white stockings for the kids because they have a good amount of stretch to them. The extra stretch allows Santa to stuff them with extra goodies ;-). Who doesn’t love a few extra stocking stuffers?

The Christmas Tree

Our trusty pre-lit tree from Micheals Christmas Past is still hanging in there. I layered in more string lights and, a golden garland from Hobby Lobby. Next, I added some sprigs of glittered fern and eucalyptus. I then hung navy and gold bulbs, also found at Hobby Lobby. Finally, I layered the family ornaments. At least the bottom 1/3 of the tree since my elves have limited vertical reach in this household.

Every year I get tempted to purchase a new tree. I start looking in Lowes and Home Depot and I start to spiral into “woulda, shoulda, coulda” land. I’m proud I haven’t given into the temptation yet, goodness where would I even store another tree?! But just in case you’re in the market this is a dreamy option in my opinion.

This is the first year I’ve been able to fit the Christmas tree on West side of the living room, making so much room for activities (Thank you Pick Your Ick System for helping me get my living room to feel SO MUCH BIGGER!)

The Dining Room

I added a few touches of garland and mini Christmas trees in the dining room. This allows us to still use the table without having to remove all the decor just to eat dinner. The feel is minimalistic and clean.

Although it’s a scaled-down version of what I used to think needed to happen for Christmas, I feel so much more peaceful in my home. The colors complement, there isn’t much clutter, and it still looks festive and magical. I especially love it after dark when the tree lights up the house.

The Kitchen

The Guest Bathroom

Adding a little Christmas cheer to the guest bathroom was a quick process of placing two little trees and some garland over the light fixture. When I was taking this picture I was thinking about the projects I want to finish in this bathroom. I have to let those dreams go for 2023 and look forward to tackling them sometime in 2024!

My Son’s Room

I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling with taking pictures in my kids rooms. They aren’t styled the way I dream about. The constant influx of toys and clutter also make it difficult to get decent photos. I was able to snap this quick shot of my son’s room. His favorite color is green. It was fun this year to decorate a mostly green Christmas tree for him!

Now I’m getting ready for wrapping, stuffing, and baking my way through the rest of December. I’ll be trying to keep my sanity for a few more weeks, and doing my best to create things that fill up my family and myself. Eggnog and cookies anyone?

Now it’s time to clean up with kid’s rooms and take pictures of the Christmas setup in there. I’ll get right on that the next time the Grand parents take the little. For now, let’s just relax in knowing this much is done!

As always, if you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with the decor in your home, convincing yourself that ripping everything out and starting over is the only option, I invite you to check out the Pick Your Ick System, made specifically to help you feel so much better in your home!

Merry Christmas,