I was laying down with my daughter as she drifted off to sleep, are you starting to see a theme here? If you read my first post on this series of being off social media you will recall that’s exactly where I was when I had the vision of a life of more without social media.

This time I had a vision of a beautiful book, the type of book you see sitting on a coffee table, displayed for friends and family to enjoy when they come to visit. This book was a record of my life with my family. Pages lovingly arranged with snippets of photos, quotes and daily activities. They type of book your grand babies look back on and say “grandma really lived, she really loved”.

It hit me that with social media we are attempting to create our own book of highlights, sharing the best parts of our lives. Showing it off to our peers and strangers as a way to gloat, brag, or innocently just share. But I don’t particularly care what those people think or what they know about me.

I want to live my life like I’m filling up the coffee table book. An account of my life, my loves, and my passions, so that someday, my grandchildren or great-grandchildren can take inspiration from it. Perhaps that’s what I’m supposed to be doing here. Creating my digital coffee table book filled with my life as I know it. Real, raw and beautiful.

Last night a loved one passed away. Perhaps that’s why I’m thinking so heavily about legacy today. But when I’m long gone, my body has turned to dust, my soul safely in heaven, I want something for the women that come from my daughter, my daughter’s daughters and so on to have something they can look back on. Something that says their matriarch really tried, really was a person of depth and fortitude.