We’ve all heard the old adage, comparison is the thief of joy. We know it’s true. But we can’t help but to compare ourselves in todays society. We are inundated with ways to compare ourselves.

Our bodies, our hair, our faces, our makeup routines, homes, cars, clothing, kids and more. It’s hard not to constantly compare when we are seeing perfect snippets of other’s lives.

It hit me yesterday, like walking into a brick wall. When I don’t constantly have the reminder to compare myself to others ie: social media, there is only one person I WANT to compare myself to. Me.

I took a deep dive yesterday into my photos. Seeing what I was doing in my home 7-8 years ago. What I had photographed back then as far as home decor, how I’d arranged my house, the projects I was doing, and the quality of the photos themselves. I remembered each photo vividly, each moment in time like it was mere minutes ago. And I must admit I was impressed.

It took looking at almost a decades worth of work to see actual progress. If I was comparing myself to me 8 years ago I must say I’m happy with my growth in the areas I’m passionate about; design, decor and photography.

I want to challenge myself today to only compare myself to the previous versions of me. Not to bring myself down, not to shit over the person I was years ago, but to celebrate the way’s I’ve grown and exceeded my own expectations. It’s about constant progress toward our goals, our dreams, our ideas, not perfection.

I want to keep this concept in mind as I work my way through the next few months of my life, pushing for something i’ve always wanted but tend to feel “not good enough” to have.

I’m only competing against me.