Do you ever get super overwhelmed when looking at a room in your house that isn’t working? I do. For YEARS I let my master bedroom overwhelm me. It overwhelmed me so much that I just didn’t do anything with it.

I’m kinda embarrassed to say that I slept in this brown dismal mess for far too long.

This room was one of the few in my house that had the original trailer house 20+ year old carpet, popcorn ceilings, untrimmed windows with foam insulation popping out and holes in the walls.

In 2017 I did a lipstick-on-a-pig paint job using leftover paint to freshen it up slightly. At least it wasn’t poo brown anymore!

But after 2 kids and that hit to my libido I decided that my marriage deserved a romantic and relaxing space. Cue a 30th-birthday renovation project.

With a baby strapped to my back, a toddler that was seizing in toe, I ripped out old carpet, laid inexpensive laminate and hired a two man crew to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and texture the walls.

With my daughter helping me I nailed up 1×4 trim that I stained to finish the basics. It wasn’t until the last piece of wood that wouldn’t quite fit and a missplaced hammer that my cheap renovation turned into a pricy trip to the emergency room, a few stitches and one fractured middle finger later and the renovation to dreamy master bedroom was almost complete.

It’s taken me time, budgeting and some vision to create a space that flowed nicely with the rest of the house, yet felt like a retreat for myself. It was also a goal to make something that was fairly gender neutral. Not that my hubby truly cares what our room looks like, but I couldn’t quite picture him surrounded by floral prints and frills.

Let’s be honest, the overwhelm of making design decisions eases greatly when the room is a clean slate, no popcorn ceilings, and the trim is in place. I won’t kid you there. But I did put my Pick Your Ick System to good use when picking out the colors, pieces, feel, and flow of the space.

I created a mood board to follow to help me keep my vision together without it getting muddled with impulse purchases. PS, my main element I used to pick my colors was my favorite photo from our engagement photos you can see on the mood board.

Ill admit I didn’t use my favorite neutral wall color in my room, I stuck with a color and tone that I’d used in the rest of my house years ago for a cohesive feel, called Little Dove, but my husband lovingly refers to it as popcorn farts.

The accent wall was painted the same Dutch Licorice that I use in my dining room, kitchen and living room. You might wonder why I used the same accent and the answer is in two parts:

  1. You can see my master suite from pretty much all rooms in the house so I wanted it to be cohesive.
  2. The tone of my dresser and headboard are complimented perfectly by the navy tone of the Dutch Licorice just like my kitchen cabinets are.

It took several months to get the feel I was really wanting due to budget.

At first I used a duvet cover I already had that had navy print, but with time I was able to switch that to a completely white duvet.

I layered in white bedding, navy and mauve-toned rugs and black and gold accents.

The lighting needed to be layered, but affordable, so I chose hanging pendant lamps off amazon that were modern. The ceiling fan was bulky before, so I just replaced the light portion, but left the fan.

I added in accent lighting on a custom mirror/art piece I built using furring strips and a mirror I already had. It also took time to get the mirror frame painted. Everything happens in sessions and seasons in my life. It takes times, budgeting and work to make the entire room come together.

I wanted to make sure I diffused the light as much as possible to flatter myself lol so I had to hang my flax linen pottery barn curtains I found at good will. I mean who doesn’t love those?!

On the wall to add some extra storage I used gold hooks for hanging hats, necklaces and scarves.

The nightstands were a several-year-long project. I was given one vintage dresser by my mom, whose sister dug it out of the trash 30+ years before. In a serendipitous moment, I found an almost matching version at a barn sale a year or two back.

It took me almost 2 years from the start to get the nightstands painted. I used Amy Howards one step paint in black.

The night stand I purchased from the barn sale had an eclectic mix of knobs that I eventually switched out to gold knobs from Hobby Lobby. You can see the difference in the following pictures:

After painting the nightstands & mirror frame, switching out hardware and changing the duvet cover:

All in all the transformation is incredible. I don’t feel embarrassed by my bedroom anyone. It feels like a real retreat.

If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with your space and want to transform it on a budget I invite you to check out my Pick Your Ick System for revisioning and creating your home.

It’s been a long journey, almost 2 years from start to finish. But it’s been so worth it!

Keep working hard on those overwhelming spaces my friends.

Xoxo Monee