In 2018 I created Hand & Heart Design as an umbrella for some creative work and products I was creating at the time. This brand housed my Amazon FBA products, my photography and graphic and web design projects.

Here is a look back at what I created for this brand. It was a stressful time in life with a new born with special needs and honestly, I don’t miss it, but I am proud of what I accomplished.

Below are some of the Amazon products I created, had manufactured, packaged and sold online:

I also created a 12 part Christmas Series of Tiny Letters From the North Pole, a magical way to celebrate the 12 days leading up to Christmas. I used some ingenuity and creativity to make business card sized postcards from Santa, Mrs. Clause and all of Santa’s Reindeer.

Along with the Amazon products under Hand & Heart Design I worked on my photography services. Here are some of the photos I was taking at the time:

It’s a pleasant look back at a time in life I felt like I was drowning. Everything feels much more beautiful in retrospect. But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy by any means.

Hand & Heart Design, you served me well, but I’m happy to leave you here as a simple look back at what was.

xoxo Monee