Writing about a small laundry room update, especially when the project was completed with relatively no photos taken can seem daunting. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add this project to my site yet or not. It always seems so overwhelming to show off your works in progress. But, my entire life is a work in progress, so if I don’t start sharing something, nothing will ever be put out into the world.

Since the day I moved into this house my laundry room has been a frustration. It was originally painted the most unappealing color of poop brown, applied in a poorly attempted faux finish. To say my laundry room looked like a horrific mess was an understatement. I detested walking into the laundry room, but had to enter it as it is the only entrance to the back yard.

The Start of the Project

Years ago I took leftover paint and covered up with Poo colored walls and at least added a shelf to try to store my laundry soap. Then for half a decade, this room sat untouched, except by countless loads of laundry and lint bunnies.

Trying to put my money where my mouth was I decided to use my own Pick Your Ick System to create something I could love. With a little planning, a cabinet off of Facebook marketplace, another shelf, bead board behind the washer and dryer, hang some leftover peel and stick wallpaper and viola. A mini-reni fit for this girl.

I actually quite like the way the laundry room feels now. It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb from other rooms of the house. Yes, you can see it from the kitchen, living room, front door, and office. Holy cow it’s seen everywhere in this tube-shaped house. Can you see it peeking out from behind the kitchen?