I woke up yesterday with a strong conviction to remove social media from my phone. It’s been a nagging feeling, subtly speaking into the corners of my brain for years.

“What is this all for?” “Where is the energy I’m giving this going?” “Who really is controlling all of this?”

Over a year ago I quit TikTok. I felt like the false reality that it created was dangerous, deceptive, and plain evil. It created an FYP that made you feel like your interests were the only interests in the world. Like your thoughts were being siphoned.

I couldn’t take it any more, so I quit.

Yesterday I couldn’t take the rest of it. Facebook, deleted. Instagram, gone. TikTok app that was still sitting on my phone although wasn’t being used, trashed.

I lay in bed with my youngest as she drifted off to sleep and saw a vision for this calling. Me telling a story. A simple story about simple living, no keeping up with the digital ‘Jone’s”. No more getting sucked into scrolling, only to look up at the time and realize I’ve lost precious moments of my life. No more feeling like I’m not “enough” because I’m judging myself against the people I see a 45 second clip of.

I’m not sure why I’m getting called to ditch this social media, I’m not sure where this is going. But my vision is a clearer, happier and less distracted life. I no longer want to hear the far-off call of my kids, wishing for my attention as I was giving it to a cold lifeless screen instead.

Today is day 1 completely with out. I’m not going to lie I picked up my phone a little while ago looking to get lost in a digital wasteland of unending chatter. I had to gently remind myself it wasn’t there. I also looked to for upbeat music of reels to soothe my mind as I was overwhelmed with mothering, but it was gone, so snuggles and soft words from my kids had to suffice.

I am ready for a change. I am eager to see where this goes. I am happy to set down my digital addiction and step into something real for my family.