This first day of school is upon us! It’s the start to a brand new chapter in our lives. Kindergarten, the start of everything.

I was wracking my brain today trying to think of what the lesson is as far as school starting and no social media. The answer that I have stumbled upon is privacy.

I love to celebrate my kids, my oldest had posts on social media dedicated to first roll, first steps, first words. I celebrated each baby milestone, each toddler achievement, each birthday, and each massive life-changing event. The first day of Kindergarten should have been a celebration post like none before it. I even started planning Last year when the first day of school photo was going to be taken. What was the background, what would he wear?

This first day wasn’t filled with excitement, it was actually a challenge. It felt like pulling teeth to get any thing accomplished this morning. The first day of school photo was taken in a spot I hadn’t previously scoped out. It was shared via text to a few family members, but that’s it.

I didn’t get bombarded with the congratulation of followers and friends. No notifications popped up on my phone today. And honestly, I’m happy about it. Today my son gets privacy like never before. I got to enjoy those moments, no one else. The photo was for me and my husband, no one else. Today I get to treasure that secret moment and enjoy the fact that I got to witness it in person.