Today marks day 4 I believe of no social media. I can’t say I really miss it. I can say it misses me though. This morning I was playing with my kids when I look down at an email notification on my phone. With the social media apps deleted I’m not receiving very many push notifications, so it surprised me.

The email was from Facebook, letting me know that a family member had posted something. I’m the preview of the email it showed a few of the words from the post….a tantalizing little morsel of information. Was it a life update? I question? Perhaps photos of her kids? I clicked on the email to see if it showed any more information, but instead of any real text from the post it just had a large blue button…View Status.

I didn’t click on the button, I didn’t send my browser to the Facebook login page. But for an enith of a second I thought about it.

It’s amazing that in years of daily use I haven’t received a status update notification via email. But now that my app has been deleted and I’m not pouring energy by scrolling I guess it triggered an email. I actually found it a bit creepy, almost like they are wanting me back.

Of course they want me back. They make money when people use the app, it’s a selling machine, filled with ads that pay pay pay the company for their product to be in front of our eyes.

I know because I’ve used it. Many a times to sell things in the past. Everything is engineered to make us want more. Keep us coming back, keep us buying.

I don’t think that the constant ads are what bothers me anymore. I think it’s the videos, the updates, the influencers, and the “followings”. Like it’s the only thing that matters. But I know for a fact that it doesn’t.

Today I gained a bit more clarity on what has been bothering me about social media. It’s not just the sales machine, it’s the selling a Life we all “must have” machine. And it’s a sales technique that leaves us all feeling terrible.