Hello friend, let’s chat today about social media. For well over half my life this looming “monster” has been around.

For years of my life, I have held the job description of social media manager. It’s been my job in many positions to generate content, content always focused on creating the exchange of money. I remember sitting in a little cubical dreading the day out of each month that I had to dedicate 8-10 hours planning.

“Make sure the messaging of this post will illicit clicks, make sure this post makes the organization look like we care”….It was all fabricated and honestly gross.

Sadly I regurgitated this idea to others, over and over. I told small businesses the “formula” for getting clicks, the perfect amount of content to post on which platform weekly, the perfect image sizes and bitly links.

With all of my prattling about “this is what you should do”, it’s not like I ever achieved social media “success” for myself or anyone. I achieved the appropriate amount of likes, followers, and engagement. But nothing truly remarkable or meaningful.

When my son was born social media for my personal life was a way to show off the things he did that we were told would never happen. It also became a way to avoid real life. A simple escape located closely in my pocket.

It wasn’t all bad, I was able to connect with other moms of special needs children, and find ideas for therapies and adaptable ways to help my son. But really I was just watching.

I was consuming constantly.

I dreamed of doing things, decorating, designing, traveling, dressing a particular way, creating art. I consumed others doing what I dreamed about. But at the end of the day I didn’t do anything but consume more and more.

I never created.

In August of 2023, after a very very long summer of unsuccessful Medical Keto Diet to attempt to control my son’s epilepsy, I had a vision.

A simple message from God. He said, stop consuming. Get off social media and do the “things”, and when he said “things” a beautiful collage of images of projects appeared in my mind. It was so clear and real.

So that’s what I did. I deleted all of the apps. I logged out of everything on my computer and I stopped. August 7, 2023. Cold turkey. No convincing myself a little here or there. Just gone.

Let me tell you something, I have never been so creative.

I haven’t been judging myself against anyone else. I’ve been doing things simply for myself. I used to work on photographing my home projects only to never believe they were “good enough” because someone on a Reel somewhere’s was better.

I would shoot myself down all the time in comparison to others. When I quit social media I immediately only had to compete with myself. Was the wood working project I did this week better than last months? Did my photography skills increase compared to what I was doing 2 months ago? That’s all that mattered.

This translated not only to my creative life, but also to my personal life. I no longer compare my life to others, only to my own version of happiness.

I’m so incredibly happy to hear in person about a friends trip to a beach, but thankfully I no longer see it on social media and feel like I’m somehow missing out on a better life. Or somehow “not doing life well enough” because a trip to the beach isn’t in the budget this year.

If you’re interested in stopping consuming and starting creating, I invite you to read through my series Stop Consuming and Start Creating which was a day by day look as I stopped social media and the valuable lessons I learned in the first 8 days.

You probably have a huge life of reasons why you can’t stop social media, and that’s ok! But I invite you to see if there is something better waiting for you my friend.

I’m rooting for you, with lot’s of love my friend,

xoxo Monee