This morning I sat in a doctors office waiting room, filled with 6 or 7 women. This is technically day 3 for me without social media on my phone.

I got checked in at the reception desk and took a seat between 2 other women. Everyone was scrolling, staring at their phones, checked out. I was right there with them as I sent out an important email for my son. But once done I slipped my phone into the side pocket of my purse. I looked around the room and heard an oddly familiar tap tap tap of buttons. A sound I hadn’t heard in probably a decade.

I watched as a young women was T9 texting on a regular “old phone”. It really took me back to high school, slouched behind my desk frantically texting when the teacher wasn’t looking.

I waiting until she put her phone away and she also looked up and scanned the room. I locked eyes and asked, “what kind of phone is that?”

She quickly laughed “A dumb phone”, with a grin on her face.

It took me by surprise, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use a “dumb phone” in years, much less someone in my generation.

She went on to explain that she had recently had a baby and that the pressures of smart phones and social media was too much for her since she gave birth and was giving her too much anxiety, so she switched to a “dumb phone”.

I was awestruck. What serendipity to find another mama, within 48 hours, in a random doctor’s office that was feeling the same things I was.

I smiled and told her I was happy for her, that I thought it was inspiring and wished her all happiness with her baby.

As I look back at the interaction I feel so much validation for this path. I have no idea how long this is supposed to last, but I do know that I’m slowly starting to develop a peace I haven’t felt in some time.

Instead of looking down at a screen while I waited for my appointment and for the doctor to come in the room I simply just looked up, stared at the wall, and thought. No one else’s ideas, lives, or agendas were being thrown in my face. Just simple thoughts as I looked at the wall art and studied the instruments in the exam room.

Perhaps if nothing else I will learn to just be quiet in my own mind in moments of waiting.